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A “content creator” created a (drone) video showing some nice landscape. Nothing bad or wrong so far. The video was uploaded to Instagram at first, I guess. That’s at least where I noticed the story that’s causing mixed feelings:

First Act

In his/her Instagram story, the “creator” complained about the video being blocked by Instagram due to a copyright infringement.

Second Act

In the subsequent story, the “creator” still seeming angry mentioned the account of some copyright-free music page pointing out that only electronic music will be used going forward, even though it won’t fit the nature video (for which some piano music was…

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

During Corona time, I have to connect to a VPN most of the time in order to work. I use two different VPNs depending on what I’m working on. I can select the network to connect to from the status bar at the top of the screen but there seems to be a bug: Sometimes there isn’t anything to select, so I have to go to the network preferences and connect from there.

This works, but it also bothers me. Most of what I do frequently can be done from the command line. …

Recently, I started using Hugo with an older project. After I pulled the code and ran hugo, it failed. It turned out it was not yet compatible with the latest version that got automatically installed via Homebrew.

Well, no big deal, Homebrew allows for installing older versions of formulae. So I got it working.

Shortly after that, I started another new project (this blog, BTW). Guess what happened? It broke again, this time because the installed version of hugo was too old and not compatible with the configured theme.

Well, that is a bit of a problem, but there is…

Andreas Siegel

Photo Enthusiast, Cyclist, Scandinavia Traveller, Hockey Fan, and Book Lover in personal life. IT Architect/Developer and Scrum Master in professional life.

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